Sunday, May 13, 2012

#265 Happy Mother's Day! & Fashion Weekend!

walking through the park to the event

shitty photo courtesy of iphone 4s!

our shopping!

my sister's camera

awesome sunnies only $20

purchases from the night 

closeup of my new blouse!

(bon bon roche, vanilla bean, cookies & cream, lemon cheesecake gelato and mango sorbet)

pyrmont bridge

On Fridday, my sister and I ventured to The Royal Hall of Industries to check out Fashion Weekend for our first time ever! I had to bus it from uni then walk some more because I took the wrong bus (fail!).
Because I bought the tickets last minute, only Gold Class was available for the Catwalk- which wasn't so bad even if the ladies in front kept blocking my view.

There were a few worthwhile sales and a lot of well-known brands (as well as those lesser known) selling new and old collections from 50-70% off. Unfortunately sizes were limited and a lot were samples so I didn't find many that either fit or appealed to me.

The photoshoot picture was $20 and the photoshoot itself was for free. There was a polaroid stall that were taking photos for free and this blouse (lace, blush colour) was the only item I was committed to buying (I found some other shirts but they weren't really worth the price).

Was late to meeting friends for dinner so I just had dessert instead! We went to Park Bench and ate a 5 flavour tasting platter ($13) then trekked it up to Darling Harbour to chill.

A great way to end a stressful uni week :)

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