Monday, May 14, 2012

#266 baby, just let yourself go

my hair only looks good when i roll out of bed at 1pm....

yay new team allowance!

mixing gunmetal and gold

my wardrobe looks semi-organised!

but underneath is still ugly :(

my mum is the best and bought me these amazing heels from overseas!

work outfit on the weekend...

shots of darlinghurst (Riley st)

train station (museum)

and more shoes courtesy of mummmyy

shoe shot...

Came across this site GOMI, you guys should check it out- there's some interesting reads there...(i am a self-confessed troll when it comes to GTFO sites).

Recently my mum and dad went on a quick weekend trip to visit her fambam in Malaysia last week. Being the awesome parents they are, they bought me stuff (from a list compile beforehand of potential wants). See: Zara heels and flats above! :) Fellow Australians; Zara is way cheaper overseas esp. in asian countries where sales are almost always happening! 

Haven't received a reply from TOPSHOP so I am 99.999% sure I didn't make it past the first round of interviews (which makes me sad). These few weeks have been frustrating and I have been channelling so much rage because of group work and having to compromise for perfectionists and bossy group members. I think group work projects are designed to test our patience...or make us hate all our colleagues. If so, it's working.

I've read around about followers of blogs unable to connect with bloggers because of the brands and expensive clothing showcased; which is kind of sad :( 
On that note, most of my clothes I buy from places like Target, Kmart, Valleygirl and Ally. Normally I only buy brand stuff from warehouse sales and online discount sites. 
Asos is great because if you subscribe you get emails about when sales are on and exclusive promo codes (and if you're a uni student you can sign up to unidays to get an instant 10% off coupon code! YAY).

Winter is HERE (frost this morning on the grass- GOD IT WAS COLD). Hope you guys keep bundled up! 

Take care xx

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