Wednesday, December 12, 2012

#288 fairy bznss

lol does that title even make sense?
Anyway, if you follow my instagram (which is sporadically updated sorry!) you would've known that i had a fairy dressup at a 21st this past weekend! :)

 *i sincerely apologise for my derpy face in the photo on the right. i was tired...
First time I've really participated in a dress-up since I turned 18 hah. Obviously I went as a fairy and the fitting location was a long-ass drive up to West Pennant Hills. The wreath is from diva (last year), the dress from angel biba(?), petticoat by american apparel, sheer socks from Japan and chuck-a-likes from kmart ($4 how can you say no????).

The new instagram is freaky and weird and I'm not used to how it's set up now. I might abstain from i-gramming for a while. #freakedbyupdatedsoftware

Sunday, December 02, 2012

#287 christmas fever

1. manning cartell blouse, american apparel disco shorts (navy) 2. manning cartell blouse and shorts, cotton on rubi maryjanes
despite the title of this post, there are no christmas photos here whatsoever. These outfits were just a spur of the moment, to see how i could style my new purchases! On friday mum and i ventured out to marrickville to try our luck at manning cartell's sample sale. scored two awesome tops and a pair of shorts at around 60-80% off!

I also scored this cute soft bra by lovable from david jones and these cute undies from la senza the other day. comfort level is amazing. 
and lastly, an old snap of almond milk oatmeal with sugar topped with fresh strawberries, nectarines and a hint of cinnamon!

happy early christmas shopping. toodles xx

Monday, November 19, 2012

#286 raiding your mum's closet is the best idea

colette clutch, rmk heels, ksubi jeans (customed), mum's old shirt, iphone cover from japan
mum has been on a spring cleaning frenzy, chucking a lot of old shit or giving away a bunch of stuff that we have hoarded and never use anymore. Found this while rummaging through her old closet. 
the origins of the shirt: bought 20-so years ago in germany. worn at some point between then and now. 
its airy, light, cute and doesn't suffocate my trachea or pressurise my hyoid bone so obviously it is now residing in my closet for the foreseeable future. yay.