Monday, May 07, 2012

#264 and I'm on the road to nowhere

New polish! Halley's Comet (Orly)

eating chirashi in cancer lecture...mmmm

wearing my awesome new KMART gold pants! :)

cute new studs @ Diva!

bought me some polish; Old Blighty and Rosie Lee (butter London)

waiting in line for the bus @ uni...
Ksubi jeans, Target shirt, Landsend cardigan, Diva necklace, Bonbon shoes

outfit for TOPSHOP interview! 
Bec&Bridge blazer, Target shirt, Asos pants, Daiso socks, Freelance brogues, Diva necklace

Recent purchases; butter, orly, diva 

driving home from work

the moon when I got home

So just came home from a very nerve-wracking MVP presentation and a very short TOPSHOP interview! The past few days have been filled with frantic editing of scripts and powerpoints (presentation) and study worries! 
mbfwa has finished and Fashion Weekend opens on Thursday! Still haven't bought my tickets (must do so after this post hehe) but am excited! :)

Hope you guys have been getting more sleep and better days than me!
Take care xx

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  1. love all the jewelry you purchased!
    and the outfit you wore to your topshop interview is perfect x