Thursday, April 05, 2012

#256 reeeeeeeelaxation

catching the train

waiting for the train- my sister wearing her new Kiik dress, Forever New bag and Diva armswag

my friend's awesome soft leather couch

sunset burger @ Grill'd Harbourside

cool tent thing outside harbourside

outfit this morn, coffee run- stylestalker shirt, ebay bandage leggings, wittner boots, colette clutch, vincci sunnies

ahahaha sneak photo in sportsgirl

bored on the train home made me google starwars

soy mocha @ EMPORIOS(?) mac sq

delish spinach&feta roll

It's been a quick few days, currently skipping my lame 3 hr class to just relax at home :) Lately been trying to cram study with meeting and catching up with old friends, not to mention uni assessments. Tuesday caught up with my lovely Kat then a bunch of group project meetings before a cancer lab then trekking it home. Yesterday got to finally catch up with J-man and used a bunch of coupons to save some moolah on lunch :D

Tomorrow I'm going to watch The Lorax with my bestie YAY! Then going to the famous The Lowenbrau on Tuesday for another catchup! :) It's amazing how time flies- I still can't believe I'm nearly 20, nearly finished my degree and have known my friends for 7+ years....

Onto other news, was browsing shopbop and I have found new inspiration to save my money!!!!! Behold the amazing Alexander Wang coin purse:
photo from polyvore

and (not really inspiration cause I just ordered it but)
photo from

what do you think? I'm really excited to wear those pants to work!!! arghhh~!


  1. all the food looks so good, and i love your leggings!

    great asos pants too! loving the print

    1. The food tasted really good and the price was very decent!
      And thankyou! :D Asos has been releasing some great prints lately (some more uglier than others thou) so you should check them out! :D