Wednesday, March 28, 2012

#254 work work work

outfit for work: ally shirt, pants from overseas, dotti belt, diva accessories, zara heels
grocery run @ Thomas Dux

my sister (@c_roline on instagram) playing with her new canon

Some shots from this past weekend to today. Got called in last minute to cover shift at work- YAY! Definitely need the money! Thomas Dux is a famous grocer- we went to the one at Surry Hills/Crown St and their fabulous macaroons are only $1.95 :D Still debating whether the trek there is worth it.
Just joined up to chictopia and under monkeii and monkeii002 respectively~ But still haven't figured out the ways of lookbook (not bothered). 

Also if curious, my sister is wearing the 1973 paisley print shirt from stylestalker :)

####Forgot to mention: last night I went with my dad to watch The Hunger Games! Highly recommend it as long as you're into the whole 'battle royale'/fight-to-the-death kind of thing. Violence isn't very graphic but if you get queasy easy (rhyme!) maybe you shouldn't watch it. The plot is very simple and it tends to rush through but considering the time constraints of the movie it's understandable. Also- GREAT ACTING :D

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