Saturday, March 24, 2012

#253 Shooting shots!

It's been a pretty boring week! Came back home on Monday and been trying to catch up on uni work since. Pathology is kicking my ass at the moment! Anatomy is ok but this law gened i'm taking has so much pre-reading I want to drop it. Last week my stylestalker stuff came in the mail and I was itching to try them all on- so i did! So glad I got them! 
Below are some shots my sis and her bf took today of random outfits (style snaps for a job application) with her new Canon camera. It's very sunny today! :)

stylestalker top, F21 shorts, jessicabuurman boots

stylestalker heavy metal jacket, sportsgirl red leather panel pants, random tank from thailand, zara heels

Forever New bustier, Minkpink pants, Siren wedges, diva necklace

caroline morgan shirt, intoxic pants, american apparel bag, diva cuff
these last shots were taken in the city walking up the daunting hill of Fouveaux St. What a workout!

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