Sunday, December 12, 2010


Wow. 2 weeks hiatus hey? :)
Unfortunately i'm not really feeling the 'christmas vibe' so no christmas theme pics for now.
So Inception came out on DVD recently and is extrememly cheap so I bought it! ($24.98 for DVD, Digital Copy and Blu-ray movie&special effects discs of Inception (4 disc combo) at JB-HIFI). I can safely say i've now watched the AWESOME movie about 6 times :D
Tom Hardy and JGL continue to be so frikin gorgeous~
I also started working at Diva last week. It's quite easy and the only bothersome thing about the job is having to greet every single customer even though they obviously need help. There's also the pressing issue of selling promo lip balms but i i dont really do that so it doesnt count haha.
For those of you in the Campbelltown/Macarthur/etc area: Typo and INTOXIC have just recently opened shop! ICE has been relocated (and looks intensely better in store layout alone) and Vaako is opening soon!
This year started with a BANG of new things and ending with a pretty mellow status~ Let's just hope I pass Anatomy so i can continue uni next year :)

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