Saturday, November 27, 2010


Have solved the dog problem :) They now have proper collars which i attach to their leashes and proceed to walk/run/drag them around the backyard :D

(you can see pictures of the newest puppy on my FB!!)

It's so sad that I keep missing out on meetups because of my inability to acquire proper transport :( and my subsequent unavailability (due to tutoring, work/working on my hours and therefore driving) is not making it any easier! *SADFACE*

I'm kind of excited about working at Diva! But I'm super nervous because 1) I dont wear jewellery, 2) I'm a newbie at makeup and retail & 3) I'm a super freaky nerd that will definately and probably not fit in. D:

Also i'm itching to get my hands on Sportsgirl's new eyeshadow/themed makeup palettes! They're adorable! and are made of cardboard! Not only that but there's a new palette by kit thats around $20-$30? with a pixie/fairy theme colour scheme! I'm also SUPER SUPER ITCHING to get my grubby paws on the new studded black bag by Colette! & A frilly one-shouldered unbalanced dress by Dotti!

Been watching NUMB3RS non-stop throughout the holidays! Met up with Kristy&Steph who never fail to make me smile :) and they made my day! (& bought me an AWESOME plushie of the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz! (check them out at Kinokuniya). Dad bought me the new Wordsworth publication of The Brothers Grimm Tales for only $25 on ebay (INCL. POSTAGE!) & then i bought myself The Little Prince ($20) and Cardcaptor Sakura vol1 omnibus edition ($26).

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