Saturday, November 20, 2010


Our new dog is not cute. i repeat NOT CUTE. SHE IS ANNOYING.
First, she refuses to go back through the gate (the puppy area is between garage and house and is gated)
Second, she makes my other puppy-Waffles, run all the way through the garden AND ENCOURAGES HER TO BE ANNOYING AS WELL. (think barking at horses, barking at neighbours, going through the fences to the NEIGHBOUR'S BACKYARDS)

Thirdly, she is constantly dirty and smelly and refuses to go anywhere you tell her, refuses to follow you and instead strives to make my life HELL.

**So the 'striving to make my life HELL' may be an exaggeration but i assure you, the other points are DEFINATELY NOT.

These xmas holidays arent going to be much fun at all. from what has happened already.

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