Friday, January 14, 2011


A new year and a new start :)

It's been a while since the last post- I have no excuse except for the fact that blogging is just a whimsical activity for me now and not a priority (in comparison to stalking some fashion blogs and sales communities and just doing nothing).

Okay so first up: SALES!

If you haven't found out already- DIVA's 'everything $5 or less' sale is coming to an end within a week (around abouts) so you should grab what you can while you can- otherwise wait a whole 'nother year or succumb the jewellery's possesion to another paying customer. Everything on sale is excess stock from past limited edition ranges (i.e. my fav: Disney collection; though some have sprung up in new ranges YAY).

If you're less of a jewellery fan- most chain stores still have the NEW YEAR! sale on. Generally this encompasses old stock discounted around 30-50% off (or even 70%). Cotton On Body has a bunch of nice sleepy wear on sale, as does GP with their plain essentials.

JBHIFI has a 20% off all DVDs, CDs and Blu-ray sale :D Mind you this is discounted on top of already reduced sale items (and of course the new releases). Borders has its 'blah blah blah SUPER CHEAP blah blah' sale and so does Angus & Robertson (cheap as in over 70% off cheap!).

Now on to some recent MOVIES:

On Monday I went and watched Tangled which is a good movie! 3D isn't really my thing so I cant really rate the 3D-ness but on the whole the movie was quite good. It's quite short; in terms of time it's about 110mins and the storyline does seem to rush a bit at the end.

As in all Disney movies you need SONGS! and as always there were catchy and beautiful tunes throughout :) The movie itself was funny (nothing super serious- we are talking about Disney after all) and sweet.

On Tuesday I went and saw Unstoppable. Shorter than Tangled at about 98mins and generally just an action/adrenaline-rush type movie. I loved the thrill you get from watching this (is that the right word?)- it's an 'keeps you on the edge' script. If you love being able to analyse conspiracies and all that junk (character development whatever whatever) you might not like this (take a peek at imdb forums in regards and you'll understand). I'm definitely watching this movie again though :D

&just before I go: I've been well! :) expanded my teeny teeny collection of loli (2 skirts from BTSSB, an OP from AP & BL is all I have so far) and itching to grab IW's Classical Chair JSK cape set (ON SALE OMGUH). Job shifts are terribly few and far between and by the end of next week i'll have to learn to survive without shopping or buying ANYTHING. *sigh*

Hope 2011 has been good to you so far! :)

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