Sunday, October 10, 2010


I was hoping i'd have like- 90hrs of driving already. But i only have 70hrs. and like 5hrs of night driving.
That means i cant get my Ps soon unless i somehow can accumulate 30hrs of day driving and 15hrs night driving within a month. I HATE THIS. And its so gay because you know what? teenagers have a higher incentive to speed and crap if they've been on a leash (their L's) FOREVER. Good gosh. increasing L hours just means you're prolonging the accidents.

Got the Diva job. Did the induction. Apparently my boss is very particular and anal. I hope i dont fail. All the other chicks are like really extroverted and we had to do roleplays and I was thinking: "SHIT. Shit.shit.shit." The rest of the time my eyes kept going droopy and GAWD it was waaaay too early (and with waaaay too little sleep) to listen about chicks being divettes. -_-

I'm DEFINITELY applying for summer internship next year. OMIGOSH.

i think this will be one of the worst 'end-of-year's ever. Lets hope it gets better. :(

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