Tuesday, October 26, 2010


SNEAK PEEK: my closet :D

So, from right to left: half of my wardrobe as of today, new pair of denim ALLY flats ($19.99) and a pair of camel ankle booties wedges from Cotton On: RUBY($49.99)

Went to Target today (Mac sq & Ctown mall) to scout out some cheap shirts for mum to wear in Hong Kong (BTW on sale $5-10) and I found this awesome LOLI-ABLE JSK/dress($31.20). From Right to Left: me trying it on, front and back of dress. Now i just need to buy an A-line petti to make it complete! :D

The other day, after driving for about 3hrs with my dad (went bankstwn for groceries and whatnot) I came home and tried out this co-ord. Vintage and cute no? :)
Sunglasses from VOGUE (OPSM), necklace: gift, top from TEMT ($9.99), skirt from Zipia(US$6), Braided brown belt from dotti ($15.95), Side brown bag from Colette ($49.95), shoes from Shanghai.

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