Sunday, September 26, 2010


That is a picture of an actual house. I want one! It's so beautiful and pristine.
But GOSH, imagine cleaning that house. D:

I'm currently watching a Merlin SBS documentary instead of studying for my (HOMG 15% Assessment) Quiz that will be on at 9am tomorrow. URGH. I dont even understand the content of BABS lectures anymore so FAIL FAIL FAIL. :)

I think BBC MERLIN has skewed my perception of legend of Merlin & King Arthur. LOL.
It makes me want to visit all those Welsh places and read those books (Le Morte d'Arthur) associated ha!

Heee. they showed a picture of GANDALF in the merlin documentary HAHAHHA.

Next post will be a showcase of all the shit i've bought over the past 2 months. Seriously i've spent $60 this week alone. And it was on sale (could YOU resist?) so i ended up getting: 1x pair of shorts, 1x skirt, 1x playsuit, 1x pair of flats and 1x cute shirt. Then the other week i bought another dress and a singlet and another summery floral (SO CUTE) top.

My excuse is that i need to get more business-suited clothes cause I GOT THE JOB AT DIVA BITCHES. :D

Now i need my P's! hopefully before the end of November so i can drive to work ;)

Okay- back to studying/merlin-ing :)

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