Wednesday, April 07, 2010


...Caroline&Ariel keep singing the 'jason derulo' bit in all of jason derulo's songs- especially In My Head. It's repetitive, it's annoying and it's SO DAMN CATCHY D:

OH HO~ today/yesterday had my first SMSSOC meeting and am now officially signed onto a proper PROJECT! I feel like i'm maturing- maybe? lol. Handed in my chem lab report (sorry bhavya for annoying you about it) and fingers crossed i don't fail abysmally. Like- if i Fail i JUST fail not totally pathetically 20% fail. *sigh*.

PICNIC IS ON FRIDAY btw. Should meet around 11 but you can do whatever you like (as long as you bring food otherwise i will stuff you with napkins) just maybe- call if you're not coming? I hope i don't get lonerized. GAWD.

Today after the SMSSOC meeting (at UNSW), waited for the central bus for 40mins before i found out that apparently they were cancelled (WTFFFF?!!) so had to take the 400 to BURWOOD (just- fuck.) and get off at Bexley North to walk to Bexley North Station to catch a train to Padstow and then change to catch a train to Campbelltown. 2.5hours WASTED.

NEXT TIME i'll be bothered to walk to the next bus stop.

Bought the brownie mix today. MWAHAHAHHA be prepared to finally satisfy your cravings for the little buggers. If there's enough demand i'll bake another batch for friday. ;)

Clash Of the Titans is a LAME movie. Go watch a rerun of THE BOURNE series instead :DDDD

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