Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hem Hem...


So that ^ is the only kinda-group shot i ended up taking; shame on me :( so just picture Bekah, Jamie, Ryan, Sunny's and my heads all floating around in the background~

Internet has slowly died down to becoming potentially worse than dial-up. (not that i remember dial-up but still i have a feeling) it takes me no less than 30mins to get onto Blackboard and i can't even upload pictures on fb :( so you won't be seeing the rest of the picnic pictures for a while. They're only candid shots anyways so no loss? Though you guys make THE FUNNIEST faces when no one is looking MWAHAHHA.

Uh- exams are springing up. and it's....2:02am. and i should have slept hrmmmm.... 3hrs ago LOL. The computer is verrrryy distracting :

The post-easter easter eggs have disappeared so i can't sneak 5 yummy choc eggs every day anymore :( but i found a box of lindt chocolate (which doesnt really compare- too fancy) so i'm semi-satisfied.

ANYWAYS- THE MEET/PICNIC WAS FUNFUNFUNFUN! Hopefully we can get it more organised next time? LOL. I'll bring my bowling and zone3 coupons and we can parttaeeee! Shame a lot of people backed out in the end- i hope Hima is feeling better! but it was more managable nonetheless :) and we ended up having more people come than i thought hehe!
Take care, don't stress (or study hah) and i hope you have a semi-good uni week at least :)

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