Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Why did i aim for uni again? SO FRIGGIN STUPID.

and i HATE HATE HATE QUANTUM MECHANICS in chem. YUCK. and sure- my lecturer is pretty cool but damn i just realised that he doesnt explain the equations properly and you know why?! BECAUSE NOT EVEN THE FCKING TEXTBOOK DOES! that's right- i have to FCKING GOOGLE SHIT.

(thankyou usyd for your compilation of online quantam atomic structure questions that gave me the insight i needed.) STUPID UNSW D:

anyways i have made semi-friends. semi cause we say hi- we talk and then they ditch me when class starts. YAY. -___-"

And like chemistry is really annoying~ cause stupid tutorial sets dont even have the right fcking answers. GRRRRR!!! DDDDDX

Met up with sun-man ;) and KAT!!! and saw fatty and jordan and jason when i crashed Kat's lecture (which was utterly boring so i fell asleep). Thursday is gonna be a friggin pain in my ass. Stupid 8-hour days. and i only just realised that i forgot to get my name marked off for packing up (for the past 2 weeks). Fingers crossed i remember this week before i fail :(

So. To recap; loner, failing, pissed and regretting uni! :D I sound so so so awesome -__-"
Hopefully joining committees and shiz will make me feel better. :)

PICNIC ROUND 2 details are on FB. If you have no fb (WTF?) let me know and i shall send on emails~ I hope you can all come. I miss our awesomesauce get-togthers.

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