Thursday, March 25, 2010

things are looking up!

I think i've been feeling a BIT happier this week. I know that today was good :) And the Jap lessons were kinda SUPER SUPER ELEMENTARY but they were fun and not a waste :)

So this week I joind SMSSOC. and went to an NSA thingo. I'm really looking forward to getting involved haha. And its weird cause its not like i know anyone who's in the committee anyways :P

Pracs today were so rushed and stuff and my slides totally FAILED and there was this chick that was being a big FAT dickhead to me. But it was cool- the dudes on my table are really nice :D

Chem prac was okay- kinda botched the titration and analytical balance weights a little but got it right in the end :) Caught up with lovely Leon :P and Sara and Achini ^__^

Was only five minutes late to math tut :) and SCIF wasn't too bad but still kind of a waste. Failed my BABS quiz and handed in the essay.

Got home at 830pm today. a long day with no breaks but it was more fun than last week. And YAY for meeting up with David & hanso and meeting a fellow K-pop lover! (JO) Tmrw is Friday- my KINOKUNIYA DAY !!! unless i trek back early for macsquare shopping. hrm. decisions, decisions.~

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