Saturday, March 13, 2010

Glebe Markets~

Today, accompanied C&E on the long-anticipated (since CNY) trip to GLEBE MARKETS. ^that is what i ate for lunch (nomnomnomnom~) at a nearby cafe; Clipper's Cafe -which was right next to where we parked.

Turns out Glebe markets was TOTALLY WORTHWHILE. as there were loads of awesome stuff there! I even saw a stall for those awesome 'journal novels' that are also sold on! Caroline got an LV bag for $10 (if it's an imitation then it's a damn good quality one) and saw a SUPER HUGE LV bag on sale as well as a real nice burberry (authentic) handbag. Found stalls selling Wish clothes for only $40-$50! as well as other MYER brands. And then the famous vintage and self-designed clothes WHICH WERE UBER PRETTY!

here's my purchases for the day;

*So my stupid computer won't let me rotate the image; so just rotate your head :D
Anyways isn't the shirt cute? you can't see it but the brown-y material has prints of cute bunnies :D tis adorable! The bag was a brilliant find and hopefully next time i go, i can find a larger one that's similar, to use for uni! Genuine Leather :)
On another note; moreLOMO app for iphone is awesome. GO DOWNLOAD IT. NOW!

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