Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The spa got completed last week! And it's a very nice spa too :D though mum practically doused it in chlorine ._. which is not a very nice smell nor does it make my skin feel any good once i get out.

Sunday was CNY/V-day. Didn't do anything special except spoil myself by spending $60 on some clothes and buying some junkfood from woolies (of course chocolate!). We celebrated CNY on Saturday (with lanterns and a plastic dragon and lousan and everything) so got my hong bao on saturday night. :D

Tuesday last week to Friday took a compounding course which was way interesting. Especially the lectures on current medical issues and drugs and stuff! I now understand why ppl want to do med lol. So now im starting to filch articles and stuff about research and drug trials, etc. BTW, i'm an offical compounding technician now ^^

Next week going to HAHS for the tutoring course (which i can hopefully get a job out of) and i might end up applying for some other qualifications too. Dunno yet :)

Still driving with more improvement! Though im still shitty at parking and need to control my speeed. Dad got me a car though ('99 mazda hatch) which was pretty cheap from a friend. needs to be gas'ed to fix the air con and will probably install a cd player (cause it doesnt have one) but its nice and spacy~ :)

Bought a pair of chunky sexy wedges for $40 today! :D they're so pretty! BUT! it is an 'investment' lol. since they're so high i'd rather not risk wearing them out on a normal day, im saving it for partying when the big one-eight bday comes. Not that i will be partying ._.

Still fighting the urge to shop til i drop. I keep checking out online stores. ohmygosh.

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