Friday, February 19, 2010

catching up!

YAY! an early re-blogging :D How do you like the layout? sexy no? Still have to tweak tagboard size and stuff & maybe change some of the font sizes and things.

So Wednesday we finally got around to doing the picnic (which i had proposed to the girlies waaaay back in november?October?) only this time we were accompanied by man-girls Jamie and Laurie as well. Was a good catch up! Can't believe i haven't seen you girls in like- 3 months before then? D:

And it was a wonderful surprise cause jobabe came and i thought she wouldn't! :) and we had an awesome talk about shoes and then we gots to trek around the art gallery and analyse all the paintings and OHMYGOSH i really really need to see the R.Bunny exhibition!

We ended up trekking back to the city and YAY! going to all these beautiful shoe stores (Tony Bianco i love you). Thank gosh i decided to put only $40 in my wallet otherwise i would've splurged badly! :
The day ended with a really nice talk (which lasted until 5) and i can't believe i had so much fun doing absolutely nothing haha! You guys are too awesome!

Yesterday caught up with Tintin and Aibelle :3 who are so awesome and adorable! LOL. Can't believe you guys are so scared of the dogs! Tin spent the night and we ended up laughing ourselves silly over bigbang parodies and whatnot and the rest of the night glued to the tv (korean dramas and shiz lol). Next time bring your swimmers so you can check out the spa~~!

Sunday is a busybusy day! Gotsa date with crazy Kat & aibelle XD and then a parade with the sexy hima and her sexy friend haha! Can't wait!

I've ordered these shoes- arent they CUTE?

They're costing about $40shipped which is good considering the price compared to other loli shoes. Now the problem is just trying to fit it into my daily wear :(

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