Monday, February 08, 2010

aaaaaaand running running and running running~

Trying to make it so i blog at least once a week. Cause like keeping this blog active proves to me that i'm not that lazy - mushy- whatever you call it. :)

Tomrw i start the compounding course~! Early wake up calls from now on BOOOOOO :( Today the electrician dudes came (and woke me up) and fixed our lights and installed the lights for the shelter over the spa. It's looking good! :D

Picked up some more tomatoes and even a capsicum! from the garden (the chillies and eggplants need some more growing). tis a bit exciting really ahahha~ Finally the zucchinis have decided to give it a rest and the overgrown crop is starting to wilter away with the changing season. HUZZAH!

Still havent gone out yet. And i still got money to splurge (on clothes, shoes and manga). At least i already updated my manga files before our internet died otherwise i'd be spasming from boredom.

Eyeshield 21 finished at 37 volumes (its a fcking AWESOME manga btw) and Whistle! finished at 24 (i'm still waiting for it to be stocked dammit!). Now i'm going to have to find more shounen to read D: *even though i'll just re-read them over and over and over again LOL.

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