Thursday, February 04, 2010


If i had a million dollars i'd quit uni and school forever, i'd travel and get experience, i'd give money to charity and my family and i'd experience everything i'd ever wanted to.
In theory- that is. Because most million dollar winners either die or get family members kidnapped for ransom or some other reason that causes all winnings to be lost.
Because only the ruthless get to the end.

So i'm told Medical Science is super competitive. I (dont really believe it) hope not because otherwise that means i should be finding all my textbooks quickly. Which i just cannot be bothered to do just because i've been reduced to a complete lazy, mushy potato. yay. It's totally sad though cause i can barely remember anything. Even my mediocre english skills have been slipping not to mention my already shitty math. D:

Chinese New Year is coming up! The days are going so slowly though that it seems so much further away. Unfortunately the survey i was planning to spend my money on has been cancelled (bye bye beautiful pants T___T) so i'm desperate to spend my money now.
Especially on the latest/last volumes of Whistle! manga XD and maybe start a new series! :)

I need some more vitamin D as well! Being cooped up so much isn't doing much for my ability to actually move around : It's been raining the past couple of nights though~ It started pouring this afternoon (just as i went outside) and it was quite beautiful :D i love the smell of rain~
the vegetables are still growing strong! and i'm still wishing for that sunflower field ahahaha.

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