Thursday, January 28, 2010

Australia Day :)

So for the unfortunate (HAHAHA) kiddies' souls, they have school tomorrow :) And I do not (YAY)! So how was Australia day to all of you residential Australians/non-Australians?

Mine was relatively uneventful :) Drove up to Aunty Liew's for birthday dinner :D and scared mum half-to-death cause of my driving on the highway LOL. Dad says i'm getting better thou~

Ate some Yummmy homemade Peking Duck, homemade pickled mangoes (mangoes which we picked!), tofu pouches with fish, mild curry chicken, garlic prawns and lettuce and stuff. Totally DELICIOUS :D

Drove home at night (first time night driving!) and started off pretty bad but i think i got better ahaha.

Wednesday went to UNSW to the 'Enrolment Advising Day' for Science Faculty. Attended the lecture (there's quite a number of white peoples i was surprised ahaha) which didnt give me much more information than i already knew. Ran into Hanson and Lei *waves* :) while i got my sparkling new UNSW student id! Which is gold by the way and was done within 5-10minutes!

Had some lunch at Bondi, drove back home (OMG hate Bondi-the roads and some drivers totally SUCK ASS).

Today i watched THE DESDEN FILES. it's pretty cool :D but totally cheesy and the SFX are kinda sadly unrealistic :) I want to read the books now! ahaaha. After i read all the David Eddings books first of course *which is a totally awesomesauce series btw which anyone would totally read- fantasy readers should totallytotally read this*.


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