Monday, December 21, 2009

The END.


Thought it was the 18th today- FARRRK need to buy christmas presents tmrw. FARK. And i have like, no monies as well. SHIT.

Anywyas got schoodley doodley happy bout my ATAR and semi-happy about my hsc marks. PASSED :D and at least i got one band 6 right? I should count my gains over losses. Unfortunately Bio was not my top mark :( BOOO. Still psyched by the mark- i know my mum is kinda as well cause now she's harping on me bout uni preferences. Feh. Don't care at all.

Nothing happening lately. More vegies are sprouting in the vegie patch- have been picking at least 3 HUGE (like 10cm wide) zucchinis every day. Mum's tomatoes have sprouted and they taste YUMMM~ Still waiting on the raspberries :)

I cleaned out all my drawers though- they're all clean and neatly organised now and not overflowing :) Now i just have to vaccum, get rid of all my english shit and re-do my whole wardrobe. I'm on a roll babe.

And so, like, since jamjam changed her layout i am compelled (as her dutiful slave spouse) to change mine as well. Expect a reduction in available information on moi. LOL.

On an ending note; ZOMBIELAND was awesome, AVATAR looks cool and CLOUDY W/ MEATBALLS was totallyrockin.

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