Saturday, December 12, 2009


LOL. I thought i updated this already! Okay keeping things short;

  1. Drove again- bumped up to 4hrs!
  2. Caroline&Eugene back from melbourne- got a new wallet and shirt :D
  3. Christmas tree put up; got a new one that lights up :)
  4. Zucchinis are growing in the vege patch! Yummmm~ ate some for dinner and they taste GOOD!
  6. Shipped off my uniform to sell in Uniform shop on Friday
  7. Danced again today- weekly exercise is DONE :P

So not a busy week so much :) Tried to somehow fit some korean eating in there, but my appetite has plummeted after my non-stop eating two-week session beforehand! Went to Bankstown for the first time in... a year? There's a new cafe! :0

Did anyone else get that sickeningly sweet letter from school? I was reading it and oh so tempted to burn it. Not because Mr Norris wrote it but cause it's reminding me of results coming out.

btw, if anyone- ANYONE tries to contact me the day/week after we get them prepare to be ignored. If you ask my mark prepare to be ignored. I will probably turn my phone off, abstain from the internet and spend 1-2 weeks either watching tv and pigging out on tv at home OR going to the local cinemas by myself to watch some movies to make me feel better.


PS. SCRUBS season 8 is out! AWESOME ending! Also check out Joshua Radin he is an EPIC singer *esp his cover of sesame street theme *love*

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