Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Awesome shit.

So, like, AVATAR was totally awesome. Graphics were good- not too realistic, but good/awesome considering the concept of the movie. I thought the plot and script were pretty cliche but Caroline says she couldnt predict what was gonna happen. Psh. Maybe i've watched too many of these kind of movies LOL.

A few similarities to LOTR and hints of other similar plot movies (Pocahontas or however you spell it). All in all, worth the $9 paid to watch it :)

Today went shopping to grab some squick, quick presents. Ended up just splurging on clothes for the sisters. Spent about $140 with $30 of my own shit :) So i'm pretty happy! ALLY is totally my new favourite shop. Clothes are cheap, quality is good, designs are SO ADORABLE. They have a sale on now so grab your size while you can! Everything's knocked down by 70% and off-sale items are only $30-50 :DDD Valleygirl has a sale too, with some really cute~ tops!

Got an annoying headache and only chocolate mousse seems to make it better. FCK.

Sex and the City 2 movie trailer was released today. Saw a preview on tv this morning- looking fashionable as always :D

shit, it's nearly christmas.

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