Thursday, October 08, 2009

-10 mins study

Hello there.
A quick update on michelle's utterly shameful holidays before the impending HSC.

Well, im shamed and guilt-ridden (tbh couldn't care less) to say that i haven't studied since....the week before graduation which was about 2 weeks ago :D YAY! I'm totally pumped for getting my notification of a 53 ATAR.
Can you spot the sarcasm?

Anyways, instead of studying i opted to have a nice bout of relaxation!

Onto better news;
2. ONE MONTH before i go overseas!
3. WICKED was totally totally awesome.
4. As were Mao's Last Dancer and UP!
5. Floriade was also up there on the awesome-awesomest scale.

(it should be obvious by now that yes, my lack of study was due to consistency in socialisation).

Well, now i should be studying 'my ass off' as my mum says (without the 'ass' cause she's my mum guys) and my dad seems to forget this and keeps scheduling movie family outings next week. LOL. All these great movies coming out in october/november and i really don't want to miss out! And my mum tends to forget too- as with the rest of the family and their tempting offers to go somewhere (shopping, movies, shopping, eating).

Finally got over my korean food craving after watching WICKED (which was totally totally awesome and sooooooo worth the money- though mum got the tickets through a point system not money but wateves) as we drove to stratty to have dinner.

Liverpool library sucks (because of the environment) and my opinion of AS girls has come to an all time low.

I had a really awesome dream last night where i had like 10 BEAUTIFUL dresses in my closet and that's all i can really remember....Jamie is sitting with us at formal! HURRAH! Fudge you! Unappreciative bums! And finally; Check out QUESTCREW on youtube! they look like tb's but their skill is nothing to scoff at :)

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