Wednesday, October 14, 2009

almost to the end.

WICKED is truly one of the awesomest musicals ever.

i've decided i shall attempt to use it as a related AOS text. Wish me luck nerd-nerds :)

If you're interested in WICKED and know you would never be bothered to actually cough up the bucks to go, i suggest you head on over to (it's a player of the main songs in the musical. I warn you though, they're very catchy songs!)

So I started studying last Friday, bludged until yesterday when i wrote one page on belonging in WICKED and then wrote a paragraph of a creative writing and fell asleep. All in all, i'd say i'm not good at this studying business wouldnt you? It's ironic though, that the most important exams of my high school year barely give me any stress at all whereas i almost went on a rage for my Trials and nearly died for some other school thing i can't remember.

Yerp, you got it, your resident ball of fluff (me) can't be fudged to do any study at all despite these being my final exams to determine my future. PAH.

Tuesday is the start of exams. JOY.

OH! and my dad says he's going to get a copy of 2012 off a friend! :D AND! the holiday trip has been changed so that instead of re-visiting HK or staying in China I get to go to KOREA (seoul) for 5 FUDGING DAYS! XD (i dunno if its confirmed yet thou)!

If anyone wants to read my english creative for AOS, nudge/email/text me. If you have anything on Mod B speeches to offer please send to me~ Anything on Mod C is also welcome. Or just english adv essays -are also welcome.

Fangirling: Leon and Cloud *melts* Roxas and Axel *melts* and OMG SORA! and Riku (though i dont much likies riku for some reason or other HAHA.

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