Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last days.

Finally caught up with Kuroshitsuji. Oh so very satisfying and the cliff-hangers kind of made me salivate. :) Despite the beautiful art and classic depressive/funny plotline it is quite gory and the subject matter is quite disturbing as well. I like it though~ Not as much as my other ones i.e. the sports manga and stuff but it's good enough to keep me itching to read more :D

Today was DAYGO VS BOARDERS match. Daryl says it was shiet (score was 30-10 which is pretty good considering lol) but i liked watching the game! Made me want to read/watch Eyeshield 21 all over again. And everytime they huddled/got tackled/kicked the ball i kept remembering the plays done in E21. How sad am i?

Yesterday was "Fun" day. Satisfying in the morning but the amusement kind of died about half-way through the day cause of the stupid deputies and shit. It's called 'fun' for a reason. Pics are up on fb. (when i get around to it) same with pics from today and this morning's yr 12 breakfast.

Feeling apathetic towards graduating. Though its ironic how im catching up with people i havent talked to in ages while starting only now to drift from the regulars. Funny isn't it? hahaha.

Been reading more fics (lol) and neglecting study. Kagome is annoying & a whiny bitch, FMA's military are fcking losers and i hope sasuke dies and rots with the worms. Good riddance.

Can't wait to watch performances at final assembly then leaving school FOREVER! (excl. HSC exams).

GOAL (by the time i start uni): become a volunteer worker.

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