Sunday, September 06, 2009

hi there.

Yesterday went to UNSW and caught up with Susu and Angelique and (WOW) Sarah. Also saw Panita, Kim (LOL), Bekah, Jamie and a bunch of Hurlstonians- also saw Matt.

It was enlightening and has renewed my interest in psychology. I want to get a good ATAR to get in. I talked to an Honours student and she was really helpful and nice about psychology and her accent was coooool! I'm going to put Bach. Psy. as my first preference and then pharm. I probably won't make either but i'm gonna hope, wish, pray and study for it!

Met this guy who's also interested in psy. but moreso in physics. He does ext 2 too! What a small small world. Spent a bit of time talking bout english- the convo drifted.....he's got funky glasses 8D.

After, caught a bus and ate lunchies with Bekah and Jam-Jam! at WAKO which is really cool and awesome looking :) I want to go again!!!! It was nice and relaxing; took a bunch of pics, spazzed over the cool jap toilet (that made weird noises every once in a while LOL) and sink, and then just waddled around cty. We need to do hang-outs like that more often ;)

K'd with Sarah, David and Hanson again for like 21/2 hrs. The lady was really nice! Reminds me of the first time i went there :) When we finished, it was 630 and wendy didn't end up coming T__T. trekked it to Passionflower so Sarah wasn't lonely then headed home.

Does anyone wanna go check out Macquarie Uni with me?

I think, when school is over, i'll just miss the moments not the school. Does anyone know when our graduation ceremony thing is?

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