Thursday, September 10, 2009

englishenglishenglish :)

*will update with pics later :)

This week has been busy busy busy like the cute bee for BUZZ day! Support the fundraising for diabetes and buy a super cute bee plushie! :D

Well, Tuesday was filled with paper and paper and paper, as i tried to quickly finish extension homework throughout the day! I'm actually trying now! Well, finally finished my story in the last 10 minutes of my free (last) period! YAY! Got four pages up in cursive, so i was pretty happy! The story was shit though~

Monday is the extension 2 launch so today was spent rushing for Sprouley and getting Sukhi, Lisa and Sian to finish finalising what they were doing for the presentation and gathering guest lists and stuff. Jamie! I put you down as one of my guests- so KEEP MONDAY ARVO OPEN!

Mod A english feedback today. I love webber's feedback. It's so insightful :) Have you seen her baby? It's SO ADORABLY CUTE! Like one of those babies you see in the ads and stuff :D

Yesterday ventured to cty to attend the Romanticism lecture/exhibition at NSW ART GALLERY. Beautiful gallery with beautiful surroundings. One day i'm just going to spend the whole day there. Rushed out of chem remedial lessons to get home to get ready in time. Caught the train with Alex-babe, Allie and Lisa :) Spent 2hrs at the gallery and another 2hrs getting food/dinner :P

We see in others what we would like to see in ourselves but who's to say it's not already there? So blind we are to our abilities that the faults seem so blatant.

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