Friday, September 04, 2009

this sucks.

Right....image: not mine, it's BB from DN :)

Okay last couple of days have just been me getting marks back and sulking or jumping in joy or going 'hmph' in disinterest/not-caring. So, even though my math and chem marks were- as always, shot to shit all my other marks were okay/good. Eng, Ext 1, Ag and Bio all above average so YAY! :)

Tram's birthday on Saturday~ just to let you know. UNSW open day is tmrw, think i shall be going. Had study skills this week which was kinda gay but helped me miss out chem~ Also found out today that we are very very very behind in chem. and as compensation, there's going to be lectures on AAS after school on Wednesdays Rm 4, second 1/2 lunch. Joy.

Bio class on Monday? was fun! Inspected plants/leaves for traces of pathogens and stuff. Spaz got freaked cause of the bugs (pincers and spiders and worms and larvae) which was really funny. Sunny cut a grub in half by accident. LOL. and it kept wriggling around.

Onto entertainment; was going through my super old music collection and found Will by Rin'. It's an instrumental piece, a blend of Japanese traditional and modern sounds. Rin' is really good if you're tolerable of non-vocal and passionate instrumentals and you're not constricted to traditional piano. I suggest looking them up on youtube. Really good songs are: Sakura Sakura, Will, Fuhen (them for Samurai 7 or something).

NOTICE: EXT 2 LAUNCH ON 14th SEPTEMBER. Let me know if you're interested in coming :)

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