Tuesday, August 18, 2009

End of an era.

^like my sexy new pants? XD

Today was last two exams = biology and extension 1 english. Really crappy day. REALLY REALLY CRAPPY EXAMS.

Last night was spent trying to formulate some kind of reasonable essay that i could possibly regurgitate in the exam. Unfortunately my brain went "puuuuuuu-----beeeeeeeep" and died. TOTALLY TOTALLY DIED. and as a result i had used up 5 hours of what was supposed to be both bio and ext eng study for trying to create dot-points and stuff for at least a passing essay.

This morning spent about an hour cramming in my brain bio info that was long overdue for revision. I've just gone over some notes and i got polygenic inheritance wrong. yay. im so failed. The exam itself was okay. consisted of me trying to rush through as fast as i could to do all the questions i had a reasonable grasp or inkling of what to write and then spending the rest of the time shuffling through the paper and making bs up. You guys are so lucky to not be doing ext 1 english. I swear to gosh.

Extension 1 was 2 hours and we were supposed to write at least 2 booklets (8pgs) for each question; rec. time for essay = 1 hr and rec. time for creative = 1 hr. So first off, essay. Scrambled to get a decent thesis and just rambled on about gosh-knows-what. Got a total mind blank on quotes so i made some up. My hand CRAMPED half-way through. So i spent the rest of the time massaging my knuckles and then writing and then massaging again. And i got an elbow cramp too....it was worse than adv. english. Now my knuckles still hurt and i can't make a proper fist with my hand cause it aches.

in CELEBRATION of my end of exams; i got my package XD that is; my hot pink pants and my pretty blue stockings! Perfect fit for the pants (except its a little loose and long) and the stockings are so smooth and feels really nice to wear! They're quite long too & a very outstanding colour! :)

Angela got me RICE RALLY tickets! Oh so pumped! But i have to ask mum :X


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