Wednesday, August 19, 2009

nuff said.

Aren't the shoes absolutely adorable? I have a sudden urge to buy a pair :/

Anyways, i'm blogging more frequently nowadays cause I am:
A. Bored
B. Bored bored bored
C. Have nothing else to do
and/or D. I want to ramble about nothing.

So i watched G.I. JOE with my daddy yesterday night~ It was smxy! and watched all these trailers for salivatingly awesome new movies!
I now (read: always) have a love/hate relationship with trailers. I mean, they make me go oooo or ahhhh about the movie that it advertises but since they show the trailers so early i tend to forget all about the movie coming out that i never get to see it D:

So, some trailers you should totally look up on youtube:
-The Last Airbender (M. Night Shyamalan need i say more?)
-Surrogate (damn BW looks so make-up-ized)
-2012 (SFX = 290%)
-Fighting (Canning Tatum strikes again!)
-Dance Flick (LOL.)
-The Road (oooh boy another post-apocalypse one!)
-Sherlock Holmes (or just Holmes)
....i'm actually tempted to add more as i watch more but you guys probably aren't even bothered to look them up :/ it's amazing- the sheer number of people that make fake trailers and upload well as the sheer stupidity of the people that think they're real.

I am allowed to go RICE :) but not really sure about when to meet with angela D: i'm so unorganised at life. I fail. abysmally.
I am also itching to go buy that pink dress i talked about and spotted ages ages and ages ago. I wonder if it's still there at all :P

My room has books and stacks of folders and papers and past papers strewn all over the floor and my clothes are piled on my bed. It takes up 50% of my bed (the clothes that is).
And i was looking for a shirt and decided to look through the pile of clothes that has devoured my swivelly chair (that im supposed to use but obviously have abused) and found all these pjs and shirts and pants that i remember trying to find eons ago! :D
Score for me!

I downloaded a bunch of piano scores that i shall hopefully get around to learning to play. I'm really really rusty though so i tend to learn around a 1/5 and then move on. It's really sad =3= but shows my true nature XD. dwnlded some Mitsuda Yasunori (who is awesome!), Big Bang, SG wannabe, Baek Ji Young, Brown Eyes, Howls moving castle, etc. :P

Oh and has anyone seen Taiyou no Uta the movie NOT the drama? The one with YUI in it? I'm curious after reading the manga~ I wanna watch it :D

Blogger, REALLY sucks.

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