Monday, August 17, 2009

ahh what a shame.

I woke up at 930am today! then woke up at 10 -sleep- woke up at 11 -sleep- woke up at 12:13. Im a weird person like that ;)

I'm just taking a little break before writing a prac ext 1 essay :) i hope it goes well tmrw. My temp. tutor says that i'm pretty ready for my exam. She gave me a little oral quiz on the stuffs and im surprised that i can still remember some stuff (i havent touched bio in over three weeks)! Fingers crossed i get over 75% this time :D

I bought a packet of pens from officeworks just before exams started. Especially for exams- and each pen has already lost at least 40% ink :( they run out so fast! and i just started using another one and omgosh its blue =3= and i bought a pack of black pens. Meaning i got 3 black and one blue. :(

Yesterday Auntie Jenny and Auntie Corrine came over and they all (the aunties and mum) spent the arvo discusing the HK China trip im gonna tag-along on after HSC XD im so excited~~! Corrine says that its surprising that im not stressed and she goes to mum:

Corrine:"How come you let her watch television? Isn't she supposed to be studying?"
mum: "I don't care it's not my exam."
dad: "Yeah you should study! You always come back saying you did bad!"

mmhmm dad picks me up from after exams and everytime he asks me how i went- i say i didnt finish (cause really; i havent totally finished any exam so far) and lately he's been laughing at me =3= pooey~

I cant remember anything about my related texts :X

I have a big craving to spend money. Or just walk into kino and spend the whole day reading manga. Or just sleeping forever. Or buying a nikon and taking pictures of sunsets. Or go Karaoke for hours on end ;)

I was watching Australian Idol (cause i was taping it for ariel) and there's a c-town girl and she was soooooooooo good :D the afro guy was weird and all the asians suck. which is really sad! Angela! you should totally try for it! XD bwahaha! I really want to watch this week's episode cause the trial rounds looks so much harder! and they've changed how they do it!
NUMB3RS is gonna be on tv starting from this week (?) wednesday! Weeee~ Math nerd + FBI = coolness!!!! I'm psyched for it! *LOVE*

GOODLUCK everyone! Trials are so close to over im almost salivating in excitement :F


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