Friday, July 10, 2009

when times are can surely count on me

EDIT:// omg i know i know, i've already blogged but i have to blog about this ^__^

Ohkay so i just checked out my email inbox and Ms Webber sent all of us an email and it was sooooo SWEET! well, for me because i mentioned in my scrapbook message that my name was wallflower since i don't participate much in class and she just emailed me a whole bunch of uplifting comments. I WILL TRY MY HARDEST FOR EXT 1 ENGLISH!!!

i absolutely love my extension class. <3

Today got home at 3pm, spent from 3-5pm re-organising my ext 1 folder. It is HUGE. i had to upgrade to a lever arch 2 ring folder. And the folder won't close, it has that much stuff. Also ended up with a large pile of paper snowflakies (my hole puncher popped open, spilling it all out). observe my achievements:

from speckled white a beautiful-ish heart :)

oh the fatness....i think i'll die, from studying this.. (left: the folder, right: the thickness)

was able to get a decent cake late last night so i was uber lucky and ecstastic! got some cheap candles as well and checked out some presents for ariel's birthday coming up. Sorry girls that it wasn't much of a celebration but it was the best i could do considering it's the last day of term :)
Hope the cake was enjoyable and the day was at least a little memorable~

THANKS to Ryan who despite his sick-y-ness, helped me loads with prepping the cake! Also thanks to Jamie for suggestions and Vicky for lighting the candles and Kritika and Panita for getting everyone and getting the napkins and the present. You guys are all awesome.

Today was fun but boring towards the end. Bio was awesomely entertaining. maybe i'll post up some picks of the ruined fireball in the sink ^_^


Last day of term 2. Trials are coming up and so does the inevitable ATAR/HSC. i'm praying to the gods that maybe i can possibly, hopefully get past 85.
Davichi- 8282 is such a misleading song; mostly the tune.
The embed isn't working for me right's a link:

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