Thursday, July 09, 2009

WICKED is sexy green

i'm reading WICKED :)

it is a wicked book ...LOL. that was a very very bad pun. but technically i should be writing my story. i am in a crisis...i don't know what to write.

oh and im all expectant to fail HSC :) honestly, the fact that i have to study at least 100x more than anyone just to get an average mark is not worth it. i HATE school ~

Helped last minute in making the scrapbook for ms. and it was hectic when it was finished! Very nice, and it almost made her cry. man, all the chicks in my class are so pawning the ___! and we had pizza (dominos) which was coool beans. the class ended up going on until 510pm? it was a good lesson.

Chemistry is making my head spin. again. thank the bejesus for helene :) she's so awesome (bio, chem, maths, you name it) and helpful to a stupid old crone like me. i've almost finished the prac and has given up in lieu of hopefully finishing a first draft (no matter how crappy) tonight.

"if wishes were horses, beggars would ride"

...or something to that extent. I wish for smartness, greatness and happiness and accomplishment. Talking about the yearbook profile questions yesterday (tuesday). i see myself in ten years an apartment, living alone with a puppy (or dog) that has a grocery store (asian and otherwise) within walking distance. I'd probably be living in Sydney, Australia. :)

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