Saturday, July 04, 2009

Keanu Reeves #1

So here's some overdue news. I did my speech on Monday 29th June and TA-DUM did it on The Day the Earth stood still (2008) with the awesome Keanu Reeves. :)
and i hope i did okay...or better yet...awesome ^^
Since we've started the module on Conflicting Perspectives every movie i've been watching or whatever i keep thinking of in terms of conflicting perspectives :/ So LAME. Like i was looking for a movie to watch and i'm thinking oh this will be a good related for mod. C maybe i should watch this because blah blah's really annoying :(
watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005) it's pretty scary in a suspense-y sense. The whole court room drama bit totally reminded me of Snow Falling on Cedars. Not the film ver. but the book ver. like instead of racism- it's scepticism. :) The movie was pretty good though~
Got the official Trials timetable. It's like a BIG FAT "KILL ME NOW" sign, like gosh. The arrangement of subjects is really bad. Must study soon!
I'm still super sick D: but the cup of hot water next to my butt is making me feel better :) So is the fact that im currently doing nothing but snuggling on the couch watching the awesome DINOTOPIA :)
*i had some more to say but my memory escapes me ><

EDIT:// so what did i do today? :) Today consisted of me plopping myself on the comfy couch in front of the plasma, with a tissue box and a plastic rubbish bag, my bio notes, my maths textbks and notes and my laptop. And what did i do all day?

I DID NOTHING :( very very sad that i have no self-restraint on my own relaxation:study time regime D: I ended up catching up with a few movies i've been meaning to watch for a while-

while i coughed my lungs out and subsequently some YELLOW GUNKY MUCUS. a summary i watched:

1. DINOTOPIA (4 hours of dinosaurs HOW can you say no?)

2. Michael Jackson-some music videos (i was curious bro)

3. Corpse Bride (ahahaha Helen & J.D go so well together! & T.B is awesome)

4. Eagle Eye (ahhh Shia Labeouf makes me smile~ he's so cute!)

5. Angels & Demons (heee Ewan McGregor as a padre? omg)

*tried watching Possession but the quality was really crap so i'm gonna have to get another copy off someone. and the story kinda pee-d me off a bit. i mean, ROLAND IS AND WILL NEVER BE AMERICAN!!!! and OMG WHERE IS THE SCARF ON MAUD?! IT'S ESSENTIAL TO THE STORYLINE! @___@

sometimes, movie appropriations make me so mad D<

and currently so tempted to drop ext 2. i mean 2600/6000 is not good. i have no motivation to continue :( except the whole "11 units = OMFG :O" thing.

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