Sunday, July 12, 2009

me, me and more me :)

i feel like doing a profile thingo...:) bear with me please.

Ten things I wish I could say to ten different people (but don't say their names)
10. When the time comes, maybe i'll say everything
9. Want to move in with me after?
8. Right now, you need to embrace it and get over it. It's our last year.
7. Keep it to yourself. You make me want to smash your face in sometimes.
6. A smile or hello would suffice.
5. You make my day BRIGHTER AND BRIGHTER.
4. Can you buy me a polaroid?
3. I'm going to fail the HSC, is that okay?
2. Maybe i'll die from swine flu XD
1. I want to drop. Stop being so mean to us, you have no right.

Nine things about myself
9. I will have a grudge against you if you insult any of my interests.
8. I'm proud and stubborn.
7. I'm a romantic sap at heart.
6. I'm judgemental but open-minded.
5. I embrace the quirky and fascinating things that appeal to some but not others.
4. I hate chemistry and maths.
3. I have a collection of over 80 teddy bears.
2. I'm often mistaken for a year 7-ener
1. No offense, juniors make me rage and get frustrated.

Eight ways to win my heart
8. Don't talk shiet, act like a loser (unless it's dopey and cute) or make ME feel like shiet.
7. Spoiling me rotten is nice...once in a while.
6. Be smart, make me laugh and smile.
5. If you insult me, i'll kick your ass.
4. More pussy than me? bye-bye.
3. Entertainment.
2. It'd be cool if you could be smart and study.
1. Romantic XD

Seven things that cross my mind a lot
7. Trials
5. HK and China
4. Getting a Job
3. Buying stuff
2. Cooking and eating
1. Failing

Six things I do before I fall asleep
6. Brush my teeth
5. Clear my bed for sleeping space
4. Turn my little light on
3. Turn off the room light
2. Pray
1. Snuggle into bed with a hot water bottle and my teddies :)

Five people who mean a lot
5. My family
4. St Pats peoples <3
3. my Friends ;)
2. My teddies
1. My doggies~

Four things you're wearing right now
4. Undergarments (i'm surprised no one says this)
3. Hoodie
2. Pants
1. Slippers

Three songs that you listen to often
3. New Divide- Linkin Park
2. This Song- 2AM
1. 니가 좋은 이유 (Why I Like You)- Super Junior

Two things you want to do before you die
2. Take polaroids of every sunset on Earth
1. Start a business of creativity

One confession
1. I like scrapbooking ^__^

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