Tuesday, February 24, 2009

That's ^ the SMILING ANGEL :)

So, im sorry bout the puny font size but i think it looks better this way :D and it's easier for me when i type these posts out (cause damn! i hate ugly, huge fonts!). SORRY if this bothers anyone.

Ohkay so an update on celeb stuff (like DUHHH krn celeb since you can find out the american/australian celeb stuff anywhere) there's a new FAD or HYPE ON THE ISSUE OF MR.
and im supposing many of you will be: what's MR? #____#

MR stands for Music Recording. Basically a bunch of fans in Korea/ or anti-fans i guess...started ripping the back-up music of the korean celebrity LIVE PERFORMANCES. This makes it so you actually hear the singer's voice NOT the back-up pre-recorded voices from the speakers.

Alot of Krn music groups have been outted (is that even a word?!) as those who rely on back-ups and hence, proving the fact that their actual singing voice is NOT talented- revealing them as a phony! (as background music, etc. are all used to enhance sound, etc. not as the actual live perfomance). Some of the groups that are praised on their singing abilities incl. BigBang, SNSD, DBSK, SHINee (more like congratulated on their independence from the back-ups), etc. Groups that have been scorned: WonderGirls, KARA, TaeGoon.

I feel sorry for Taegoon because he's only a newcomer for goodness sakes! GIVE HIM A CHANCE! :( his lack of performing experience is WHY he's new so you can't just pin down that he sucks already.

Koreans are really HARSH and crazy and really really FAN OBSESSED **well, only the ones i've been reading about! (note: some Wonderfuls and VIPS, etc.)

Read a FULL article here: http://bigbangkorean.wordpress.com/2009/02/19/the-mr-attack-of-netizens/

On to other stuff; my mum has (if you guys have mums/dads that work as managers in gift shop/retailer places) recently been going to the GIFT FAIR.
Its a showcase of various booths of individual businesses that sell wholesale to other business RETAILERS/shops. You can buy independently too.
Anyways came home today and waited til mum finished her chamber of commerce meeting to eat dinner. And she fully went all excited and showed me all this japanese stuff she got from the fair today (Tuesdays are my mum's part-day-offs) and she like LITERALLY SPAZZED OUT!

She bought like 10 tea canisters and a bajundle of different tea leaves or cha. It's really COOL though cause one of em is called Sweet Heart and smells like strwberries and its so pretty! The rest smell AWESOME! :)

Tomorrow is the W;t performance and so i won't have time to do work unless in the afternoon and even then it won't be much :/ So i'll be going off to work on my ext 2 writing style seminar, chemistry prac & Q. sheets, biology sheets & notes and Agriculture.....maybe not :D


P.S. take a lookie at my study table ;) **see the large pile of eng texts? YERP its all for english! oh and see the chair with a pink thing on it? It's a folder...a PILE of folders/txtbks that reach from the bottom of the chair to the table (30-40cm)...

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