Sunday, February 22, 2009

its all just....floating away...

Forgot all about blogging :/
Sorry guys! The past week has been filled with staying up WAAAAAAAAAAAY past late and like me doing all my hw and stuff half-assed and sleeping throughout the day. *sigh*

So i totally FLUNKED ext 1 english, on the way to flunking english adv and ext 2. Maths requiring more time because hw consists of at least 2 exercises and chemistry and bio i'm lagging with. And don't even get me started on Agriculture.
So yea overall school sucks.

Got my new pretty and awesome blue checkered pants XD Bwahaha and i got the orange top and ellow pants peoples! :) I just can' help myself when it comes to shopping online LOL

and...i can't think of anything else to say...:/

I shall be going to (with my busy busy schedule coming up):
-ext 2 english seminar
-W;t performance
-Umat tutor???
hehe and maybe i shall pick up some tutoring for chem? Though i doubt it cause like....CANNOT BE BOTHERED!

I tried a few Umat practise questions and GAWD am reminded about how unlogical i am cause i ABSOLUTELY SUCK AT LOGIC QUESTIONS! :( i think i'll fail....

i'll update more later :)

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