Sunday, March 01, 2009


So like, if i was THAT ^ sexy.....i would be pretty banging happy :)
....BUT the truth hurts and i'm not >__<

Anyways onto news....well not news perse- just a bit of an update of life....MINE :)

So yesterday was Caroline's birthday (Happy 18th!) and on Friday it was my Dad's and he's like 50+ now? He said 55-56 when i asked but then someone was like saying 53 so yea. I betcha he's 53 :) LOL

Had yummy cakes (death by chocolate<-by Hoods and cookie cake<-by mum) was totally DELISH! :D and totally had me going @__@ then the whole present thing went on, adult talk and children movie time.

I've started my chemistry notes and im pretty proud because i've done like....5-6 dot points :) also started on biology and need to catch up on other subjects. Finished reading another eng 2 text; After Dark by Haruki Murakami its an awesome book and interesting :) Totally should try it out dudes! Need to start on jane Eyre as well. ><

Packed up my desk (in my room) and have now migrated my laptop here which is quite convenient! Now i can just swing my chair 180 degrees and roll onto my bed if i get sleepy :) and the chair is way more comfy! *now that i've packed the 1m high pile of clothes :X

Oh and i've also caught up with DBSK; like watching their LIVE perfs since like MKMF, etc... and yea too awesome! I think if i didnt have music....i would've gone BYEBYE's a long time ago =3= and i absolutely LOVE live perfs now :) They give me the a good way! Especially SG Wannabe OMG so awesome XDDD

So hey peoples go check out the translated lyrics of the MIROTIC album (cause damn they're so awesome!) and dwnld it if you don't have it and check out Survivor (cause it's an awesome song that is NOT related to some sad sappy love story) and their recent Bolero perfs in jap :F to DIE for~


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