Saturday, January 24, 2009


It's been a week since i last posted :X sorry guys~
But you'll see me @ school anyways pffft. (picture: Big Bang XD) So nothing much except got UBER CUT when i heard we start earlier than planned...i mean come on! why not just wait for TWO DAYS D:
I've finished half of my hand-out and NOTHING on the actual seminar cause im ULTIMATELY screwed regarding the values of the text/author cause the guy is so OLD there's absolutely nothing on him...he's not very widely studied either *sigh*
So far only work ive done is a few notes on ext 2 and the seminar and reading prescribed texts for ext 1. SAD huh? Mum keeps nagging me about my other subjects but seriously i CANT BE FUCKED. blarhhhh.
Ive been obsessing about BB moreso than normal lately :D also bought the REMEMBER Vol.2 album~ daesung oppa ....KYOOOOOOPTAAAAA!!!! aish.. *squeals* and OMIGOT HYORI-sii is so PRETTY~
Loving ALL THE BB members and you guys should totally watch SBS GOOD FAMILY SUNDAY XD So funny! like Bi catches a crab and goes to take it out of the net and gets pricked yea? then all of a sudden DS comes and is all HYUUUUUNNNG~! HYUNG!! You're BLEEDING!!!! Nooona noona! and its sooooooo cute ^^
Right, so like Monday was when uber awesome Peony, Jess and Elie came over :D fun fun~
Tuesday i went STATE LIBRARY then walked around and blah blah. Wednesday was stay at home day...just lazing about and downloading stuff...Thursday went STATE LIBRARY again and met up with Poni :) and yea bought the cupcakes (which ive been meaning to buy for a while now) and stuff. Quite hot. Friday stayed at home and FORCED myself to do some of the seminar stuff. So now ive got two failed intros for a speech, a written bibliography and 3/4 page of the handout typed up.
*i looked over the timetable 09; yr 12 half yearly exams start March 27th? or earlier...D:

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