Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hey guys!

Right, so nothing much going on~
Just been STRESSING about the seminar for ext 1 english *SIGH*

So friday went to STATE LIBRARY, first time in a while~ Woke up late so dad didnt come take me to station til 11:30? Then rushed to buy mum flowers and chocolates for her friend's birthday. Quite a feat cause i was wearing the new flats i got from the city (just before New Years) and they're a bit big for me [i've come to discover that my actual shoe size is 51/2 womens) so i'm flopping around campbelltown mall (which has changed alot since last time i went- around a year ago? .....i don't go shopping much anymore) in these a little too big flats and making sure they don't fall off =__=

DID YOU KNOW THAT WOOLWORTHS has SELF SERVE NOW? (like in Big W) and since all the cashiers were busy i went and did the SS thingo. Second time i've used one of those XD
Well, while i did that dad went and got me a yummy snack wrap from McDonalds because i hadn't eaten breakfast or lunch yet so i was hungry! =3="
Got off the train at St James which is waaaaaaaaaaaay closer than any other station *besides Martin Place
Walked to S.L and yea.

Like, i went to close my locker yea? put the coin in and everything and IT GOT STUCK!!!! Like WTF?!!!! So then i wasted 20 mins twisting the key a bajillion times but the key just wouldnt budge! So i had to ask the security guy at the desk for help and he's like "okay, there's another guy who'll be coming here soon just wait for him" so yea i walk back cause like my shiet is still there. And spend another 10 mins jiggling and twisting the key in the lock. THEN! i hear a clatter and i check and its a $1 coin that just came out! and it's NOT EVEN MINE! so like it's only a dollar yea? so i took it and put it in my wallet :D It was shinnnnnnny~! But yea, my coin was still stuck and the key still wouldn't move. So the security guy comes, does his thing and gets MY COIN out ($1) but some stupid-fucktard BOKE! put a 10c coin in the slot which JAMMED UP THE LOCKER! so i just spent THIRTY FCKING MINUTES trying to use a locker that SOME BOKE stuffed up! HMPH!
So i read Faust:1&2 and finished half-way, wrote some notes and got out by 430pm. Realised that my phone ran out of battery; LIKE WTF?! and spent that FREE DOLLAR (XDDD) on a payphone to ring Caroline so we could meet at 5pm @ kino =3=

Then went out to Pitt st BORDERS to check if they had Faust: prt 1 so i could finish and take more notes on @ hme. =__= only had prt 2 and a compliation of J.W.Goethe's works which cost FCKING $64.95!!! So yea...NO WAY! Ran off to meet Caroline bought BLACK CAT18 :D then walked down to CHINATOWN which had stalls ^^ and bought Caroline her Takoyaki and then my Rooti Canai :DDD Which tasted aewesome! Walked around, went up to sussex centre and into that shop next to the hairdresser and OMG THEY WERE PLAYING BB LIVE ON SBS INGIKAYO!!!! Spent an hour just talking and watching live performances by BB, Wondergirls, SS501, Girl's Generation, etc. XD Then we had to go cause it was like 7pm already *___* and Caroline bought her smexy korean silver bags which has a bajillion cool pockets! Then we walked around some more and up to CENTRAL, caught a train at around 750?
Got to station @ 850 and home around 930? :D Unfortunately couldnt check out the really cool cupcake shop on Pitt st but i'll check it out next time i go library...Monday?

So today got up late... 1pm-ish and went out to M SQUARE to get Faust: prt 1 from BORDERS. Got distracted and bought a new dress from Forever New and mum got a shirt and cute cardigan :) Then checked out a few other sales and went to Shoobiz and bought another new pair of shoes haha~ Was 50% off more! :D Mum got boots and high heels, i got high heeled boots and bought Caroline some high heels (classy vintage style~). Checked out BORDERS got manga and Faust: I went COLES and yea~

So wasnt supposed to ramble for so long, meant to just post pics of my new shoe collection!
My awesome boots~
High-heels from De Lourve~

High heel ankle boots from SHOOBIZ (7.5cm heels!)

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