Friday, January 30, 2009


School started....yesterday and it was ohkay. The day went by REALLY fast in my opinion~
Almost fell asleep during assembly...just rested my eyes for a bit :) because i (being as stupid as i am) didnt sleep til 1-2am the night before =3= and the day before that i went to sleep at 3 and woke up at 6 which was UBER LAME. After that, went to 2nd period (missed out on maths XD) which was.....AG -___- and yea that went by fast. Followed by chem (ranking is OK! 47) then study then english (new teacher is such a drag cause she just keeps repeating herself and rambling about topics that i really dont care about) but i got my mark back 80% which is OK! and ranking~ followed by bio which i surprisingly did quite well in :) 31.5 yaaaay~ and i got above average which is gooooooooooooooood! Then had extension 2 after, library was closed so ate alot ;) and read a few things and popped a few ideas out of my brain! got home and fell asleep at 8? GAH was supposed to be a nap but didnt wake up til this morning :(

on WEDNESDAY all of us went out :) went BT to watch some more Family Outing GOOD SUNDAY and drown in 대성사랑 :) spent like.....4 hours in there and i didnt even eat lunch or breakfast yet =3=

Caroline was finalising some enrolment forms and shiet for thingo and met up around 2 (w/ minsu) and we went krn kae :D BWHAHAHAHA finally got to sing Wonderful, 날봐 귀순, Strong Baby, 붉은노을, 미쳤어, and stuff :) We also got a FREE HOUR!!! XD So we didnt leave til 410! After went shopping a bit~ Bought a Stussy shirt (ONLY $24!) which is COLOURFUL ^^ and a krn shirt ON SALE! from $30 to $10 :) After Caroline met with her friends (saw... mike? =_=) and there was this TB chick who apparently goes FCKING SYDNEY GIRLS!!! she was.....i'd say 6.5/10? hrmmm... after we split from them walked around to buy crap (OMG BB PHOTOBK ONLY $100!!!) and was singing BB songs the whole way hehehe :) Met back up w/ minsu and then sat around and after had dinner around 730? Got home around 9 and yea!

Ohkay so TODAY, was boring and HOT but not UBER DUPER hot so i was so-so :) Got AG back today :) 83% which is OKAY not awesome just okay. So im pretty satisfied~ and considering the amnt of study i spent on all of them; chem, bio, eng, ag- (which was hardly what you'd call studying) i think i did okay. Am doing my seminar for ext on TUESDAY 17TH FEB. so i still have time to prepare. Talked to Uzma after school and she just said i should expand on the aspects of romanticism literature i can find on the text. Two days of school and already did many stupid things:
1. Didnt read the notice and ran out of class when i was supposed to meet teacher at RECESS =3=
2. Spilled water all over my dress....again -_-
3. didnt close water bottle properly, leaked in my bag and all my stuff got wet then it wet my dress when i thought it was dry and put it back on my back @_@
...not so much but still very stupid. My reputation regarding maths class is now shot >__> pssh have to pick up my act or else ill be struggling behind everyone *sigh*

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