Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas <3

So MERRY CHRISTMAS just in case i dont end up blogging again before the 25th. Ohkay so its been an eventful week so ill recount in note form :)
Sunday: Watched HSM3 which was prettty awesome! V.H's voice is way better now and the songs are really catchy! :D
Monday: went Cty with Caroline. Supposed to buy Christmas presents....decided to mutually not give each other gifts. RECESSION. Oh yea and i watched HSM3 again! Haha me and Caroline by ourselves in READING CINEMAS- Market City. Fun fun~~
Tuesday: NSW STATE LIBRARY excursion. Got up at 930? Mum took me station. Caught train with Allie and Sian. Bumped into Nina x) and we talked for an hour? while Sian & Allie shopped. Excursion was boring...found out where the MITCHELL BRANCH is though- very PRO. I'll go there next time to study....:D
Wednesday: helped mum @ shop :) earned enough cash for Friday^^
Thursday: stayed at home, cleaned up a bit...went food shopping after dinner :D bought another folder for chem school work....too much crap i swear =_=
Friday: Today went out Cty for Daryl's Bdae which was on Tuesday and terribly sorry dude for not msging you a HB. T___T Didnt end up going M9/bowling with the guys -____- and i went out extra early just to get there on time...*sigh* BUT it was a productive day! Gave Nick his pressie, saw Belinda, Irvin, Khoi, Abhi, Daryl, Jamie, Thang, Vicky etc again~ even though its only been what? a week? not even~
oh yea! And finally got a present for ooooooogin! :D SUCCESS! Topped up Bluetooth card, watched some stuff there to kill time.

Found out where CEO KARAOKE is :D haha cant believe it was THERE. Thought it'd actually be a separate building of its own..sigh i always expect too much! Sang like, two songs? It's a REALLY UBER FLASHY place @__@ like fully on. I'll stick to my SHOW thanks XD hahha~
Afterwards i JUST caught the south line train to CAMPBELLTOWN! Was full running and pushing through everyone as the doors were about to close! WHEW! *wipes forehead* During the ride, was listening to those catchy R&B songs with the BEAT. Made me wanna dance like desperately. So i started...kinda dancing but not moving yanno? just a little wave of the arms, and a twitch here and there....i miss dancing.
****i wanna buy BOOTS! :(

So tomorrow i'll be working again....and yea...

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