Sunday, December 14, 2008


Ohkay so ill edit this later but for now.....
Today went WOLLONGONG to drop off Ariel & Kieran for their dance rehersal which we just came back from #___# after, went mum's shop so dad could fix up the printer and then i had to help move stuff around ==" after went to BURWOOD and picked up Caroline and had lunch at the Canton Noodle House! :) Yummyumm~ Also went to ARTBOX where i got this AWESOME material-covered diary which i shall post pics up of later :) Something that will hopefully help motivate me to study ^^ Went window shopping-ish for a while...bought some groceries...& HEN's bdae presents which is ultimately *NODS* food :D After walked up the street to find a BRAND NEW MORNING GLORY!!!! And they had a "Grand Opening Sale" on so me & Caroline went in, of course! Got a cheap Pinfu lunch bag and Caroline got a bunch of plushie stuff! I'm so going back soon cause they got the BEST RANGE of notebooks there *LOVE*
After, dad bought a bunch of movies and we went to Poni's place to pick up the laptop and quicklydrove home cause mum was telling dad off for being late.....again LOL XD
At around 5.00 went to WOLLONGONG (picked up Nana on the way) to have dinner (in a viet restaurant owned by canto speaking asian @_@) and then went to the theatre/centre to watch Ariel's dance concert which was pretty awesome. Finished at 9.30 and we didnt get home till around 11? Anyways i be super TIRED and ye...><
HAPPY HAPPY NOTE: i PASSED 2 unit with FLYING COLOURS XD thankgod i dropped ^^ even my mum was proud :) 84%!!!!

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