Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2 more days :D

So HEY GUYS :D the picture above is of OUR XMAS TREE at home :) this is when its lights are on, no flash~ See all those pressies? haha if not im posting up a picture (flash). Tomorrow is CHRISTMAS EVE :) and then dun-dun~ you know XD

Surprisingly ive only JUST started getting hyped (a little) about christmas :/ im thinking its cause of the recession and all *sigh* Well for those curious, on Friday the bag i was carrying was a christmas present for MR. Douchebag: eugene and yeah... he liked it yea :) *mumble*fcking betah hav fckn liked it gosh*mumble*
T'was a pair of awesome (if i do say so myself wink) pair of K-SWISS which i got on sale :)

Finally, ariel's present arrived so its wrapped and just waiting to be burst open...and its pretty SMALL considering how much i paid for it D<
hmmm...oh yea and this past Sunday had family friends over and everything. And they brought this HUGE PAVLOVA and cheesecake and some other cake thingoes. So, first time eating pavlova.....and i OFFICIALLY DONT LIKE PAVLOVAS. Not my style. at all. :)
Also stocked up on home-grown peaches and nectarines! yummmy~

And kayla came over and then i got to help her dress up Harajuku style <3KERA magazines again! Anyone read Kaori Yuki's Fairy Cube? It's quite short and as always the story is twisted, gothic and intriguing. Unlike her others though, its y 3 volumes long but the art is still awesome and the characters are cool. I prefer Godchild and Angel Sanctuary though. Godchild moreso cause Cain is HOT :D
Have been watching a bunch of chick-flicks lately :) A walk to Remember, A Cinderella Story, blah blah~ But yea havent seen those flicks in such a looooooooooooooooooooong time! And then i got hooked onto the song Hear you me which is AWESOME! :) and that other song by Edwin McCain: I'll be (both from A Cinderella Story). *sigh* love songs are pretty RAD.

Oh yea and we got TWO HUGE HAMPERS full of food like chocolate and shortbread and stuff~ i doubt we'll be able to finish it all, plus i dont even like half the stuff...granted one was an ASIAN hamper (you know; egg rolls, peanut snacks, etc) so maybe a higher percentage of finishing at least 60% :)

God im NOT anticipating 2009 AT ALL. Have to finish reading Possession, take notes then read Northanger Abbey, take notes and THEN Faust: I and II, take notes and write seminar on it. THEN have to do extensive research on style of Romantic writing THEN have to do background, character, writing style, story research for EXT 2. THEN have to write a few prac. essays for english, write out chem/bio notes and go over maths *sigh* Got my timetable (*shock* so early!) and i have a Faulds for 2U? I thought he taught 3U!!! and nothing else changed....except classrooms :) i wonder who we get instead of Metua *sigh*

According to your age list down the no. of things most people don't know about you. And then tag 5 people.
1. My name is officially: MICHELLE XUE YI YAM :) *no my name is not spelt MicheAL or Michell or Michele
2. I have no favourite food or colour. No favourite person or thing. I don't discriminate :)
3. I absolutely LOVE goth, punk and lolita. ESP. Japanese style of it :)
4. I HATE talking on the phone.
5. I like cooking and sewing, crafts and any other artistic type things- as well as hands-on stuff!
6. J-Rock is AWESOME XD
7. I like crime fiction and fantasy that's not overdone. I can tolerate historical stuff and girly shit but yea...
8. I'm dreaming of wearing a customised lolita outfit to the formal...:D
9. I'd like to have my own apartment within walking distance to decent civilisation when i'm older.
10. I like to dance. and sing :) and play music! Draw and make stuff!
11. I'd rather take public transport than learn to drive.
12. I like having a colourful wardrobe.
13. My bestest friends are my plushies & teddy bears.
14. My bed is currently half-occupied by at least 10 plushies&bears.
15. I sleep with a night light.
16. I'm a sucker for cute stuff!

People to be TAGGED: joannananna :) belinda and MR Hanson (if he reads..) otherwise i also TAG Peony and Lien~ :D

....lights on :)

the mini christmas tree

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