Thursday, December 11, 2008

can i?

So i wonder can i CRY now? Got THE crappiest mark ever for english ext 2 and i was hoping for something moderately satisfying. I need to improve and get better and be smarter and work harder but its not all going to happen just like that. Ms said that the HSC was one of those things where you get what you deserve according to your study and dedication which is FCKING hilarious because dammit i KNOW a few peoples who DONT study for shiet til last minute and DAMMIT FRIKIN HELL they are in line for fcking estimated UAI 92. ITS NOT FAIR. I mean ill probably BOMB the frikin HSC and what will i have to show for it? My mad cardmaking skills? HAH. That's funny :(
Mr Geerling didnt give me a condescending look when he told me my rank and read out my mark. I guess that's bonus points for me. "It's alright considering." And that's the best i'll ever get...i guess.
Biczo was up the front with the list of marks and my teeth started chattering. I've been thinking about it all night and frankly i think i'd rather DIE than see my failing 2 unit mark. I just can't bring myself to think/hope that i got good...cause everytime i do i either fail or fail dismally or just get a SHIET mark.
Geoff slipped on shit today. Literallly. Curzon Hall is pretty. The goat ate my dress =__= and the kids tolerated me :) Kritika is my official free vending machine! XD Abhi & Melina are funny (:
Tomorrow is the english party, Metua is leaving and that just sucks testicles. I hope we get an awesome teacher next Mrs Lewis....she was the EPITOME of awesomeness.
Lisa & Sukhi & Allie are so pro. TOP marks with little study/preparation. I aspire to be awesome like that. Let's not forget Angela, David, Ann and Wendy, etc......
If only man...if wishes were horses then beggars would ride.

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